Water Damage Extraction

Don’t be overcharged just because you have an emergency situation.  We Clean Carpet® offers emergency water damage extraction at reasonable rates and we will never get started without quoting you a price.  Whether you have a flooded basement or some other water damage emergency our high powered extractors will remove the excess water effectively.

waterExtractionOur services include extracting standing water, disinfecting and deodorizing to prevent mold and mildew problems, as well as dehumidifier and air mover rental to thoroughly dry the affected area.  CALL FOR EMERGENCY WATER DAMAGE EXTRACTION SERVICE. Our team of knowledgeable technicians will come out as soon as possible and resolve your water in basement or other water damage extraction problems.

Compare Us To The Competition

When looking for the best water damage extraction value, do not be taken in by overpriced flood restoration specialists.  The key to proper flood damage restoration is water extraction.  WE CLEAN CARPET® offers high powered water extraction at a fraction of the price.  Many other flood water extraction companies overcharge because of the urgency of the situation.  WE CLEAN CARPET® charges less for emergency water extraction and provides the same removal of excess water as the higher priced companies.  We specialize in the removal of excess water due to springtime basement flooding and water damage emergencies including residential water damage extraction and commercial flood water extraction.   Of course we also apply all the necessary antimicrobial (mold inhibitor) products as well as thoroughly disinfect and deodorize the affected area.


  1.  After the water damage extraction is complete, continue using dehumidifiers and air movers as necessary to thoroughly dry the water damage or flooding affected area.  Remember to empty the dehumidifier reservoir regularly to keep it operating continuously.
  2. Leave lights on in the water damage or flooding affected rooms while carpet is drying.  This will help prevent the growth of mold as mold needs darkness to grow.
  3. Remove bedding, clothing, and other fabrics from the room(s) affected by the water damage and wash and dry them thoroughly.

Once the carpet is completely dry, schedule an appointment with WE CLEAN CARPET® for the thorough cleaning of the carpet.


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